Winter in Prescott

After returning from Manzanillo, Ted and I stayed a couple of days in Phoenix for a doctor appointment, but worked in some amusement around it.  We visited the Pueblo Grande Museum where it was weird to see ruins in the middle of the city and we went to the Van Buren club for a fun concert (Plain White T’s, Mowgli’s, and New Politics).

Tom and Lynette came for a visit in early December.  We enjoyed many of the great places nearby.  We hiked around Lynx Lake.

And hiked the Constellation Trails in Prescott.

We took the Verde Canyon Railroad, following the Verde River from Clarkdale to Perkinsville and back.  Highly recommend!

On the way back we drove through Jerome and had great skies leaving the Verde Valley and coming down over Mingus Mountain and into Prescott.

We met friends of Tom and Lynette’s at Montezuma’s Well (a Sinagua ruin site) and hiked around, had lunch at Up the Creek in Cornville, and then went to Page Springs Cellars for wine tasting.

On their last night we took part in Acker Night, and annual celebration where all the downtown shops and restaurants host live music to raise money for music in the schools.

For Christmas, Molly came and we celebrated with about a dozen of the Brooks family.  Prescott made good on its claim to being Arizona’s Christmas City.

And there was the usual fun and games in between…

In the new year so far we watched some disappointing sporting events, hiked around locally, had a visit from Ralph and Beth, I went skiing with Bob, and Ted, Carol, Janice, and I participated in the women’s march.

The year is off to a good start and we look forward to our next trip — to New Orleans!

One thought on “Winter in Prescott

  1. Dear Ricky,
    Today I woke thinking of you, Ted and Abbey. I wanted to see you again, and so came to this page where you are smiling and enjoying the miracle of life. Here you are forever in time, sharing as always your keen observations and beautiful pictures. Friends surround you, and you are looking forward to more adventures, to more time. I miss you.


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