Ted and I were invited to join Toby and Elaine and six others from Elaine’s family for a week over Thanksgiving in Manzanillo Mexico.  We said, “Yes!”

Here’s who we are:  Elaine and Toby, their son Ben, niece Melanie, brother Darrell and Toni, and sister Deanna and Byron.

We got on the flight from Houston to Manzanillo with Deanna and Byron.  Upon arrival Ted learned he had no suitcase and spent some time with a friendly airport official — and lots of phone time with his colleagues before being reunited with his bag a couple days later.

The place they had rented, Palace By the Sea, was amazing.  It had 5 suites and the rest was all outdoor living.  It was at the end of La Punta, offering a 270 degree view (sunrises and sunsets)!  There was a palapa down by our rocky point, but other than that there wasn’t much reason to leave.

Some of the guys thought of a reason to leave our little slice of paradise: golf!

The villa was full-service including a wonderful chef, Pilar.  While she would have cooked French and Italian, too, we stayed with local cuisine and were delighted.

The pool at the villa was another reason to stay close to home.

We managed to find other ways to keep ourselves happily busy:  working on a puzzle; playing cards, mahjong, and dice; doing crosswords; and drawing and water-coloring.

Aside from golf, the only other reason we left the villa was to go to the nearby private beach, just a short golf cart ride away.  We even were treated to a “picnic” lunch.

And we enjoyed a few sunsets…

All too soon it was time to head to the airport where we had one last game, boarded with Deanna and Byron again and flew home — a lot of synchronicity with the flight there, especially when we learned Ted’s clubs hadn’t made the trip (after more time at the baggage office, they were delivered the next day to our Phoenix hotel).

It was a fantastic trip and we are so grateful to Elaine and her family for including us!

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