New York

In early November, Ted and I went to New York to see his daughter, Molly.  She’s living in Brooklyn and we were eager to have a glimpse of her new life.  After our arrival, we  went out for a fantastic Caribbean meal at The Islands.  We swore we’d return to that restaurant, but we found so much other good food that it just didn’t happen.  The next morning our friend Mark (from Queens) joined us for breakfast and a walk around Brooklyn and Prospect Park.

That night Ted, Molly and I went to Times Square, to Dear Irving on Hudson (a fun cocktail lounge atop the Aliz Hotel with Midtown views) and to see The Book of Mormon at the Eugene O’Neill theater.

The next day Mark and Ted and I met at the Guggenheim and saw a great exhibit, Artistic License: Six Takes on the Guggenheim Collection.

Then we took a stroll through Central Park, as one does.

Molly met up with us at Cafe Fiorello for cocktails before meeting Janet at Le Souk, a good Moroccan restaurant, and then we went to Monday Night Magic at Players’ Theater in the Village.  There was an MC, three magicians, and some close-up performers during intermission.  An amazing show.

On our next day Ted and I met up with Jen where she’s staying in the Upper West Side.  We walked along the Riverside Park, had breakfast at a Jewish deli, wandered around the Village.

Then we three took the subway to Brooklyn and wandered around some more, finally meeting up with Molly for cocktails in Crown Heights, the best Chinese food ever (Birds of a Feather in Williamsburg), and cocktails and jazz at St. Mazie in Williamsburg.

In the morning Ted and I met up with Jen at the New York Public Library, where we saw a J.D. Salinger exhibit, had lunch at Central Station, and then went to the Morgan Library & Museum, where we saw a wonderful exhibit of the photographer Duane Michals.  We went back to Brooklyn and met Molly at Super Power, a Caribbean cocktail lounge and then we went to see the excellent movie Parasite at the Nitehawk Theater.

On Friday, Molly took the day off and we headed for the Whitney Museum (exhibits and views) and then ended up at a cocktail lounge at the Standard Hotel (more views!).  We joined Mark and Janet for dinner at the Spanish restaurant, Sevilla, and then we all went to the Village Vanguard to see The Fred Hersch Trio.

The next day Ted and Molly and I took the boat tour around the island of Manhattan.  It had threatened rain, but turned out to be a lovely day.

Then we wandered around and met up with Mark and Janet for dinner at the West Bank Cafe and to see Horton Foote’s The Young Man from Atlanta at the Signature Theater.  We wrapped up with a walk around Time Square to see the new statue Rumors of War, Kehinde Wiley’s response to confederate sculptures, which will end up in Richmond, VA.

On our last day, Molly, Ted, and I met up in Flatbush with Tony, Lori Ann, and Viv for brunch at The Farm on Adderley.  And wandered around.  We stopped for cocktails before meeting Mark and Janet for cocktails at St. Ends, and then went to a most wonderful Senegalese restaurant, Cafe Rue Dix, in Crown Heights.  Then we tucked in and left for the airport in the morning.  A lovely sunset accompanied the flight over Colorado.

A fantastic trip – thanks, Molly, Mark, Janet, Jen, and Tony!

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