Summer in Prescott – part 2

My last post took us through July; now I’ll bring you up-to-date with this one.

Ted and I took the back roads to an old mining town called Crown King.  The Forest Service roads were in good shape and offered varying views from forest to high desert to great vistas.  And there were places to stop for a beer in the tiny towns that remain.

We’ve been digging into local history and culture, most recently by attending the Western History Symposium, a couple Cowboy Poets sessions, and some Westerners presentations.  At the Western History Symposium, Ted got to meet Heidi J. Osselaer, the author of one of the books he narrated, Arizona’s Deadliest Gunfight.

We went to the Mile High Brewfest and sampled many craft beers, listened to the Cheektones, and enjoyed the evening.

Our neighbors, Chris and Ginny, took us on a Verde Valley road trip.  We went to the museum at the Jerome State Historic Park, had lunch in Cottonwood, and ended at Page Springs Vineyard in Cornville.

In late August we took a trip to Los Angeles.  We stayed with Toby and Elaine, hiked and golfed, enjoyed their home and gardens, saw a magic show at Magic | Bar, went to the Jack Black Experience at the Largo, played games, and ate well at Bon Temps with friends.

Something we look forward to each Friday is meeting friends and the Granite Mountain Brewery.  Here are shots of the gang, though we were missing Gayle on this particular Friday.

And finally I’m just going to share some random images of our idyllic past two months in Prescott:  A sunset seen through my garden, a double rainbow from the deck, a javelina crossing the road, a swallowtail butterfly, the plaza, a Constellation trail hike with Ginny, Duwayne Burnside at the Bird Cage, smoke from nearby wildfires, a party at our house, the Cheektones playing on the Courthouse Plaza, a Sierra Club hike, a visit to Barnstar, food from the garden, Abbey, a Willow Lake hike with Susan, , Colleen and Jen, The Lazy G (a new microbrewery in Prescott), caladiums in front of our house, a sunset, and Summa Totius playing at the Raven.

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