The White Mountains of Arizona

Ted and I packed up the RV and headed to the White Mountains.  This is the area south of the Mogollon Rim in the eastern part of the central highlands of Arizona.

Our first stop was Lyman Lake State Park in between St. Johns and Springerville.  We had a nice campsite with a ramada for shade and close access to a peninsula that offered hiking trails, petroglyphs, and a great vantage point for viewing the sunset.

We drove down to Springerville and Eagar, from where we took a beautiful Forest Service Road down to Big Lake.  There were beautiful meadows, creeks, and lots of wildflowers along the way.  We checked into our campsite at the National Forest Service’s Apache Trout Campground at Big Lake, where there were aspen stands and more wildflowers.

Then we drove up to Sunrise Park Resort where we took the chairlift up the mountain and hiked down.  As we drove back toward Big Lake we saw herds of elk, probably 60 or more in all.

Back at Big Lake we enjoyed a beautiful evening at our campsite.  On the way out in the morning we saw several pronghorns along the road.

We did some exploring, driving to Alpine, Luna Lake, and Greer, before returning to Big Lake for another night.  Everywhere we saw evidence of the Wallow Fire in 2011.

We drove up to Snowflake, stopping at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area (to check it out for a future visit) and staying at Show Low Lake Campground outside of Pinetop for our final night.  We hiked around the far side of the lake before turning in.  We headed home through Payson and as we neared the Verde Valley saw smoke from the fire burning near Flagstaff and smoke over Prescott from the fire that’s been burning about 20 miles northwest of town.  Hoping for some rain!

All in all it was a fantastic trip in an area to which we anticipate returning before long…

2 thoughts on “The White Mountains of Arizona

  1. Ted, Billy spaar worked and lived near eager and Alpine in his fire look out tower in the white mountains when he, JB, and Bill schneider moved to Arizona from the Mountain. Remember? >


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