Lovely Lummi Island

Great friends Kim and Eric invited us to spend a few days with them on Lummi Island, off the coast of Bellingham, Washington.  (They did a house swap with Eric’s brother.)  The house was just lovely and the gardens even more so.  We were there for the peak of lilacs and rhododendrons.  And we enjoyed some of their vegetables from the garden, too. 


We were there for five days and alternated days in Bellingham and days on the island.  On our first day we visited two breweries, Stones Throw and Boundary Bay, and took the ferry to Lummi.  You can see Mount Baker from many places on the island. 


The next day we drove toward the south end of the island and hiked the Baker Preserve Trail up Lummi Mountain (over 1000 ft of elevation gain).  At the top we were treated to views of the San Juan Islands and the Olympics. 


Another day in Bellingham: we crossed back to the mainland and had lunch at a great harbor-side restaurant, then we walked around downtown and visited Aslan Brewery and Stones Throw again.  This time we got a great tour of the operation courtesy of the co-owner/operator, Tony (who happens to be related to our neighbors Ginny and Chris).   Taking a suggestion of Tony’s, we drove up to Cyrus Gates for a view of the San Juan Islands.  Continuing south along the coast we happened upon the Chuckanut Manor Seafood and Grill where we enjoyed an amazing meal, watched the tide come in, the trains go by, and the sun set. 


On our next island day we drove around to the other side of the island where we saw bald eagles and fishermen working.  We spent the evening at the Willows Inn Restaurant where we enjoyed a twenty-course meal and watched the sunset. 


Our last day was spent in Bellingham, where we visited the Wander, Kulshan, Twin Sisters, and Structures breweries.  We only managed to hit half of Bellingham’s craft breweries on this visit!  We had a last meal at Rock N Rye Oyster House in the historic Herald building and then hurried off to the airport. 


Did I mention there were flowers? 


2 thoughts on “Lovely Lummi Island

  1. Love the San Juan’s! We have been there several times. One Of my former co-workers lives on San Juan Island and Mary’s distant relative by marriage lives on Shaw Island (ferry managed by nuns, too lazy to search for the order😊)- they are both Helicopter pilots😲 and ship captains! We took ferry rides to all the outer islands (but not Lummo Island and went kayaking) If you are ever in Seattle stay at the Edgewater; nice view and rumor is that Led Zep fished out of the windows?)
    Fantastic photos Ricky!


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