Spring Time in the West

In late March, we took a hike to Wolf Creek to see the falls while the creek was still flowing.  It was a short, easy hike along the creek to see the falls and some nice vistas.

Then Abbey and I took a hike at Fain Lake in Prescott Valley.  The water was so high that following the path would have required fording the stream, so we just walked as far as we could in both directions.

In April, we enjoyed our time in Prescott: saw Red Molly at the Elks Theater, got our gardens started, Abbey learned (finally) to swim, and we went to Kathleen’s retirement party at Rick and Carol’s.

We had a short, but fun-filled, adventure with Toby and Elaine.  They stopped in for a couple days in Prescott, where we hiked the Thumb Butte trail, and then we went to Palm Springs for the last weekend of Desert X (sculptures scattered throughout the Coachella Valley) and some fine dining, and finally we went to their place in Los Angeles and partook in a Game of Thrones dinner party — and more hiking and fine dining.  Also games.  It was a whirlwind of fun.

We took a quick trip to Tucson to see Mary Lou and Wayne before they head back east.  We went on a hike near their home and had a great meal there afterward.  The next day we went to Sabino Canyon, a fabulous place on a most beautiful day.  We took the shuttle to the top of the canyon and hiked down amid the flowering cacti.  A great visit.

And here we are in May!  We’re enjoying the birds, the garden, and looking forward to a month at home (with just a couple short excursions planned)….

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