An Idyllic Stay in San Diego

Lynette and her family invited Ted and me to join them on their San Diego vacation.  A lovely home in Poway served as our base
The house had a great pool/hot tub area and lots of room for having fun.

We took a hike at the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve.

And went to the San Diego Zoo, which even if you’re not too keen on zoos, is a hard place not to like.

Not quite having had our fill, the next day we went to the Safari Park.

Another day Ted and I met up with nephew Cooper at Naval Base San Diego.  Since he couldn’t show us his ship, we toured the USS Midway – and he told us what was the same/different on his ship (technology has changed; sleeping conditions haven’t).  We toured around the base and played pool at the Rec Center.

The next day the boys golfed and others of us went to Coronado Island, had lunch, walked around, and had a great time at the beach.  It was the two girls’ first time to the ocean and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Aunt Elis was the only one who went all the way in; she reports the water was quite cold.

While the others had another beach day in Carlsbad, Ted and I went in search of the beach that is the subject of a painting we recently acquired.  The beach is Leucadia and it is north of Encinitas.  We found it on a map and drove to a park and walked down to the beach and there it was.  It was also a great place for walk.

And then all too soon it was over.  Ted and I drove to San Diego via Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area and drove home via the Yuma Territorial Prison.

It was a great vacation – we really enjoy that family and have so much fun together!


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