In and Around Prescott

It’s been awhile since we’ve offered a glimpse of life in Prescott, so let’s get caught up.  This January to March installation begins and ends with skiing.
Just after the new year began, my neighbor Bob invited me to join him on a day trip to Arizona Snowbowl, just north of Flagstaff in the San Francisco Peaks.

Our friend Hank came to visit us and we went on a hike on the Peavine and Big Piney Trails.  (We also took the back road from Skull Valley to Prescott, but no photos.)  Note the close-up photo of how cheerios are grown.

Ted, Carol, and I participated in the Women’s March at the Courthouse Plaza.

We had some snow in January and February…

…which provided great opportunities for food, drink, and game-playing.  In addition, there were well-timed retirement, Mardi Gras, and birthday parties.

Another reason to celebrate the snow is that all the creeks are running and the lake levels are above the high water marks, higher than they’ve been since 2010!

Here are some random scenes from around town in the last couple months.

And as promised, we conclude with another ski day at Snowbowl, with nephew Bill.  A beautiful day of skiing, now with enough snow for the entire mountain to be open.

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