Palm Springs Interlude

When winter weather arrived in Prescott, Ted and I decided to turn a planned week-long trip to Palm Springs into a three-week trip.  We drove a car and the RV for maximum flexibility.

We stayed at Sands RV and Golf Resort in Desert Hot Springs.  It was one of the better RV parks we’ve stayed in.  Ted golfed and I took pickleball lessons and yoga classes.  The views from the park were fantastic.

We got together with Andy to hike at Tahquitz Canyon in the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Reservation.  There had been a week of rain before we arrived so the waterfall was beautiful.  Daniella joined us for cocktails afterward.  We got together with Andy for dinner a couple more times during our stay.

We got together many times with Steve and Laura who now have bought a beautiful Palm Springs condo for their annual winter getaway from Chicago.  Ted and I and Laura took a hike in Indian Canyon on the Murray Canyon Trail.

Ted and I went to the Coachella Valley Preserve near Thousand Palms and hiked to MaCallum Pond and Oasis.

We took a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park and hiked the Barker Dam Trail and scrambled around the Jumbo Rocks area.

Laura and Steve met us at the Coachella Valley Preserve to take the Pushawalla Trail, which was supposed to be 4.8 miles, but due to creative navigation it turned out to be 10 miles.  But we saw a lot of great country!

Ted and I took Abbey to Whitewater Preserve.  Very few hiking trails in Palm Springs allow dogs, so we’re especially grateful for those that do.  We hiked the Canyon View Loop Trail, intersecting for a bit with the Pacific Crest Trail.

Ted and I checked out the new Kim Nicol Trail in Desert Hot Springs.

Our friends Phil and Jan came to Palm Springs for about a week and we had a great time with them and Steve and Laura.  Eating at great restaurants, playing games, and just hanging out.

One day Ted and Phil golfed at Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort and Jan and I went on a windmill tour.  It was hard to imagine what that would consist of, but it was quite interesting and, since we’d been seeing windmills every day it was nice to know a little bit more about them.

Ted’s daughter Molly came for four days to help Ted celebrate his 70th birthday, so we rented a house in Palm Springs.  It was a lovely mid-century house with a pool and a view.  There was even a friend for Abbey.  Molly and I took Ted to Le Vallauris for his birthday dinner.

Phil, Jan, Steve, Laura, Ted, Molly, and I went to Landers for a bizarre experience at the Integratron an acoustically amazing dome in which visitors are treated to a “sound bath.”  We all had different experiences we could barely describe to each other.  If you’re in the area, check it out.  (Also worth visiting in Landers:  Gubler orchids and La Copine restaurant!)  While we went to La Copine, Ted introduced Molly to Joshua Tree National Park.

Ted, Molly and I returned to Coachella Valley Preserve to hike the Indian Palms Trail.

And we did lots of other fun stuff:  did yoga with 200 people at Sunnylands (the Annenbergs’ winter home in Rancho Mirage); saw Steve sing with the Barry Bond Blues Band at Shanghai Reds; saw Kal David at Vicky’s of Santa Fe in Indian Wells; did a Garnet Hill hike; hiked in Desert Hot Springs; went to an art show, out to eat, and played games with Kelle; saw Ana Teresa Fernandez talk at the Palm Springs Art Museum; saw roadrunners; went to Escena; and visited Laura’s ceramic studio.

We were glad to be in the area as the flowers were beginning their springtime display.

And as we were taking Molly to the airport, we saw a beautiful rainbow, a fitting end to our trip.


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