December in Prescott

Arizona’s Christmas city decked out – and so did we, but one of us wasn’t sure about getting out of bed.

We hosted the Moose Milk Party.

And then a large contingent from the Brooks family converged.  We had a Mexican feast on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning brunch at Rick and Carol’s, and gumbo here on Christmas evening.

To walk off some of the calories, several of us went hiking on the Willow Dells Trails.

With Ray, we drove Senator Highway to Walker Road and then the Perkinsville Road from Drake to Jerome, where we met Rick, Carol, and Bill for lunch.  There was snow at the higher elevations.

Continuing to revel in Ted’s recently reclaimed ability to hike, we went on several great hikes throughout December:  out by Thumb Butte, the Centennial Trail, by Fain Lake, the Badger Mountain Trail, and the Salida Gulch Trail.

The last day of the year brought us 5″ of snow.  We trudged all the way over to Colleen’s house to say farewell to 2018 and we look forward to 2019!

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