November in Kauai and Prescott

We had a lovely week in Kauai with Kim and Eric.  Having visited the island several times, we now enjoy the luxury of just being there, enjoying friends, food, and sunsets.  We had dinner with JB in Kapaa and we went to Salt Pond Beach in Hanapepe.

Eric and Ted played golf three days; one day Kim and I walked the course with them, another time we went to a spa, and the third day we went to a botanical garden.

And ooh, the flowers!

While we missed the peak of fall colors in Prescott, it was still pretty when we returned home.

Rick and Carol included us in their family Thanksgiving and their annual Friendsgiving — for which we are very thankful!

And, after a successful treatment, Ted is able to hike again, so we’ve been enjoying many new trails in the Prescott area.   Images below are from Williamson Valley/Granite Mountain trails and the Peavine trail here in Prescott.

And always the Arizona sunsets!

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