October at Home and Away

In addition to our UK trip, we had some other adventures…

We took a day trip to the Mogollon Rim, which forms the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona.  It consists of cliffs of limestone and sandstone, canyons, and great views.  We found camping spots we can’t wait to return to.

On the way back, we stopped at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park and for a view of the Verde River, scouting canoe launches for future reference.

I took a quick jaunt to North Carolina to visit Sue in Southport.  She was settling into her new condo and so we shopped around for furniture and other accouterments, went to the beach, took the ferry across the Cape Fear River, and enjoyed the skies from her balcony.  One day we went south to Ocean Isle Beach to see Robin and Emily.

While I was in North Carolina, Ted was in Texas, golfing with his friends Dick, Dave, and Gary.  He made a new friend, too.

Back in Prescott, we had a couple wildlife visitors, saw some local music, and enjoyed hanging out.



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