Holidays in Prescott

The lead-in to the holidays was spent with friends and family at favorite Prescott haunts.

We experienced a most wonderful Prescott tradition, Acker Night, where all the shops and bars host bands, who play for tips that are donated to support music in schools.  The streets are filled with revelers who are enjoying the lights, the treats, and the music.

Prescott lit up the square and we decked our halls

and hosted the dessert and after-party following a dinner party at our neighbors.

The Brooks family (Steve/Janice/Kim, Ray/Lisa/sister Deb, Rick/Carol/Bill, Ted/Ricky/Molly, and cousin Matt) took every opportunity to celebrate.  A Christmas eve pizza party and a Christmas day Gumbo feed were held at our house

and Carol and Rick hosted the big Mexican feed and gift swap on the 26th.

There were many hikes, in town

including at Watson Lake

and the Constellation trails.

Lisa, Ray, Debbie, Rick, Carol, Molly, and Bill and I hiked from the Dells to Watson Lake

and Molly, Carol, Bill and I took a hike in Sedona.

We had other visitors over the holidays: herds of javelinas have been ransacking our yard, compost bin, and bird feeders.  We are now even more motivated to get some fence work done.

Ted and I treated each other to a hot tub.  The delivery was a little more involved than we had imagined, but every bit worth it!

In between Christmas and New Years, Merrilee, Keith and Karydis came to visit.

And because Abbey hasn’t featured in many photos in this post, here are a couple of her enjoying the good life in Prescott.

Here’s to more joy, fun, friends, and adventures in 2018!

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