Brought to you by the Colorado River

We had a most amazing three-day trip to Page, AZ.  We had hoped that Page might have a Moab-like vibe, but we were disappointed in that regard.  The excursions from Page, however, more than made up for that.  The Colorado River, having poured into the Glen Canyon and out the dam that created Lake Powell, continues on to the Grand Canyon.  The Glen Canyon Dam is just North of Page.

Our campground was nestled against some great climbing rocks that soaked up the glow of the afternoon light.

The slot canyons of the Antelope Canyons are formed by centuries of flash flooding of Antelope Creek (a tributary of the Colorado River) carving through the sandstone. They are located within the Navajo Nation.  We took a Navajo-guided tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon.  We walked into a rift and into another world.  It was mind blowing.

We took another, equally mind-blowing, Navajo-guided tour of Upper Antelope Canyon.  We saw this canyon in its muted winter colors.  I can only imagine what it’s like when sun beams reach into the canyon in the summer.

We hiked to Horseshoe Bend, where the Colorado makes a stunning turn — an “incised meander” to be exact — about 5 miles south of the dam.  We viewed it from 1000 feet above.

We toured around Lake Powell.  We had hoped to get out on a boat and see more of the Canyon, but that didn’t work out.

Instead we decided to drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We had a beautiful drive in past the Vermilion Cliffs.  Since the North Rim closes for the winter we felt lucky to have a chance to go while it was open and without tourists.  We practically had it to ourselves — except for the herd of buffalo on the way out.

On the way home we stopped at Wupatki and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monuments.  Wupatki is an area consisting of at least 8 pueblos where the Sinagua people lived and farmed in the 1100s.  The Sunset Crater Volcano erupted in the previous century and quieted by the early 1200s.  From there we continued on past the San Francisco peaks of Flagstaff and home.



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