Midwest whirlwind

A couple of weeks ago we flew to the midwest to see friends and family.  Because we had an early morning flight out of Phoenix, we spent the night at an airport hotel.  Not being ones to miss an opportunity to see the Giants, that night we went to see them play the Dbacks at Chase Field.

In Sioux Falls SD, we saw Ted’s mom Rosemary, his brother Ray and his wife Lisa, his sister Barb and husband Tim, his niece Jeni and her daughter Gwynith.

We rented a car and drove to Minneapolis where we stayed with Gary and Steph and Ted played golf with long-time friends Gary, Dick, and David.  We got together with friends Kim and Chuck and we enjoyed an evening with Jack and Katie.  The visit was topped off with an afternoon in the Twins box for a game at which Gary threw out the first pitch.

Then we spent some time with Lynette and her family, at the Belwin Conservancy and at their various homes.

Then we headed east to Wisconsin for a short visit to my family’s cabin.

Driving back toward Minneapolis and on to Sioux Falls, we noticed leaves beginning to turn…


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