At Home in Prescott

Our house was move-in ready, but there were a few things we wanted to do right away.

One was to improve the approach and the appearance of the front of the house.  We had a landscape designer figure out a better way for guests to get to the front door and we made a few cosmetic changes to the entryway.



We also wanted to remodel the kitchen.  We worked with a designer and installers to completely change the kitchen and make modest changes to the laundry room.

Laundry room before and after (with the old kitchen cabinets):

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

We’ve done lots of work around the yard, too.  Ted put in raised beds and we did a lot of weeding and planting (much of which we won’t see until spring).  We also created a nice place for birds and are frequented by wrens, quail, and hummingbirds.

Before and during:


We also made a change in RVs!  We got rid of the fiver, which was great for full-timing, and got a Class B motorhome, which is great for smaller trips.  This will also allow us to get rid of the big truck that hauled the fiver.

Out with the old, in with the new:

And since we’re talking about change, Abbey had a transformation:

Abbey before:

Abbey after:

The rest of the house has settled down…

…and we’re ready for visitors (hint hint).

8 thoughts on “At Home in Prescott

  1. Thanks for all the fantastic photos!!! So happy to see your beautiful house and all the excellent choices you’ve made in spiffing it up.


  2. House looks great. Hoping to stop and visit either mid December or early April. Hoping you guys and Jan and Phil will all come to PS to visit in January or February?


  3. Gorgeous!! Great job on the kitchen and yard. I remember the vegies Ted grew in Redwood City. I’ll see you in a couple months!!


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