BeUTAHful! (again)

Just to prove we’re not going to let moss grow on us, we’ve already had our first post-fulltiming RV trip — to southwestern Utah.

We met with great friends Sigi and Marjorie at the Mt. Carmel Motel and RV Park, located in between Zion (20 mi) and Bryce (60 mi).  They took a room, we took the fiver.  We all enjoyed the view.


The first day we took a brief foray into Zion, past Checkerboard Mesa and through the tunnel, enjoying the things we could see by car.


That evening we had dinner in the RV and celebrated being together — and on the cusp of adventures.  In the morning (in jams and over coffee and tea), we planned our next days.


We went to Bryce Canyon and drove the length of the park, stopping at all the overlooks.  We hiked the Bristlecone Loop Trail and finished our day at Inspiration Point.


We went back to Zion the next day, taking the shuttle bus to the Temple of Sinawava to hike the Riverside Walk along the Virgin River.  The Narrows were closed due to high water, but we had a glorious day, with a leisurely hike along the river under 2000 foot sandstone walls with hanging gardens. We relaxed with cocktails at the Lodge.  On the way out of the park we saw a herd of buffalo (we had seen a couple bighorns on the way in) and then wrapped up the evening with a game of Quiddler.


Then it was time to get intimate with Bryce Canyon.  We took the Sunrise to Sunset trail via Queens Garden.  We hiked amid the fins, arches, windows, pillars, hoodoos, and other red sandstone formations.  It was quite a climb back out of the canyon, so we were happy to have dinner and head home for a game of Upwords, a campfire, and an early night.


Our final day was spent at Zion, where we hiked the Emerald Pools trail, encountering three different pool areas at increasing elevations.  A deer was there to welcome us and to bid us farewell.  We stopped for dinner in Springdale and then headed back to Mt Carmel.


Sigi and Marjorie enjoyed a few more days in the area before flying home via Las Vegas and Ted and I headed home to spring Abbey from Camp Run-A-Muk and to finish our move into our new home in Prescott AZ.


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