At Home in Prescott

IMG_2470The closing on the house went very smoothly and most of May was spent moving in. The things that we saved from our previous life had been in two 8×8 storage pods in Oakland.  For some reason they couldn’t deliver them to our door (which is the whole point of pods), so we had to arrange to have them shipped to Phoenix and had a mover unpack the pods into a truck and bring the stuff up to Prescott.  It wasn’t long before we celebrated being in the house!

As far as furniture goes, we only saved the dining room table, a chair, a desk, a bookshelf, a bed, and a file cabinet.  Our new house is bigger than we had planned and needed some space-appropriate furniture.  The combination of used furniture stores, new furniture stores, and Craigslist have outfitted us quite nicely.  A month later we feel pretty much moved in.

The views of and from the house are pretty great.  In the fourth picture, you can see what makes the house unique:  it’s a 1000 sq ft bungalow, built in 1959, with a 2000 sq ft addition, built in 2004.

So the old part of the house (first three pictures below) has quite a different character from the back part (last three pictures below), which consists of a ground-floor master suite and an upstairs party room

We had visitors already!  Kate and Jamie stopped by on their western road trip.  We didn’t have much furniture yet, so they set up camp in the driveway.  We had an all-too-short, but really great visit with them, and then they were gone.

Two more landmarks occurred: We got the kegerator working and we got a new (used) car.  Nice to be out of the truck (though handy to have it for hauling)!

We continue to explore and enjoy Prescott.  There are so many beautiful places and sights, some right in our back yard.

We’ve had no trouble finding things to do in Prescott.  In just this month, we’ve gone to a couple art fairs, visited three breweries, had dinners with two neighbors, checked out several of the bars and restaurants, and attended the Party in the Pines.

Now that the moving is pretty much done, Ted has started to work on the yard and plan the garden.  I’m tackling the remaining piles in my office/guestroom.  And catching up on blogging, which will probably be even more sporadic now that we’re more stationary.

5 thoughts on “At Home in Prescott

  1. Congratulations! Looks like you found a sweet place to call home. We’re spending the summer in Prescott Valley to see if Yavapai county is a place we’d enjoy a ‘home base’. I love hiking at Watson Lake … a fave!


    1. We loved Point of Rocks campground – just a 10 minute trail to Watson Lake and good rock scrambling in all directions. One of my favorite RV parks of all.
      Let’s get together sometime. Reach me at rickyerway[at]gmail. I loved your recent posts; watch for our Zion Bryce blog post coming soon.

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