Prescott AZ

Having been to Prescott a couple of times we decided to return to get to know the area better.  Ted’s brother Rick and his family live in Prescott and it’s situated in a beautiful combination of lakes and rock outcroppings with mountains in the distance.  Proximity to Sedona, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon are pluses.

Our campground here is one of the best we’ve stayed in; ten minutes to downtown and yet in the midst of the rocks and a ten-minute hike to Lake Watson.  Abbey loves it after way too much urban camping lately.

We had a nice hike with Carol and Bill by Willow Lake

and a great excursion to Grand Falls, north of Flagstaff, with Carol and Rick.

In between, we’ve been sampling some of the music and dining opportunities in Prescott.

All in all it’s a pretty nice place to be, so we’re going to stay a bit longer.


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