We moved from Sedona to Phoenix, primarily to go to baseball spring training games, but had lots of other fun around the edges.  We saw the Mariners and the Reds at the Giants park and saw the Giants at the Rockies park.  We also caught a traveling exhibit of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

We had lots of fun with friends and family.  We got together with Mary from Mountain View.  Toby and Elaine were here for a few days of baseball, hiking, games, and food — joined by Toby’s brother and sister-in-law.  Steve and Janice were here for a few days and we joined them for a baseball game and dinners out, with Janice’s friend Lisa.  We got together with cousin Matt for lunch. And Palm Springs friends, Steve and Laura breezed through Phoenix and we got together with them for dinner at Liberty Market in Old Town Gilbert.

We took a couple of hikes in the Usery Mountain Regional Park and had beautiful views and lots of flowers!

We took the light rail to see the Heard museum of Indian art.

We also went to see the Phinal Phour (the end of a Phoenix-area battle of the bands) and saw the last three bands — all very good.  The Stakes are a hip hop band with a lot of energy, Jerusafunk is a colorful klezmer band with attitude, and Bear Ghost is a fabulous rock band I believe we’ll all be seeing more of.  A fun evening at a cool club, the Rebel Lounge.  Our last night with Steve and Laura, we saw a talented young band called Vintage Wednesday at the Water Tower Plaza in Gilbert.

Then we hitched up and headed north to Prescott, AZ for ten days, after which we’ll move on to New Mexico.

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