Off we flew for a mini vacation, over the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff, past the Grand Canyon, and into Salt Lake City

to spend four days in Park City with Lynette and her fabulous family. We had so much fun!   They rented a home with a great view that was conducive to much eating, drinking, relaxing in the jacuzzi, game playing, and gazing at the surrounding valley and mountains.

While I had hoped to ski while we were there, it was pretty warm and the snow was really slushy.  So I opted for family fun instead.  We didn’t wander too far from home, but we did go tubing at Gorgoza Park and we were challenged by adventure courses at Utah Olympic Park.

To finish off our part of the trip (they all got to stay on for a few more days), we went to Salt Lake City for the Temple Square experience.  We toured the Tabernacle and Conference Center and admired the Temple and the lovely gardens.

Then Ted and I headed to the airport and returned to Phoenix for the next ten days.


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