After two months in Palm Springs, we returned to Arizona.  It was lovely to see the mountainous horizons and the saguaros again.  Our first stop was Sedona.  Driving up from Phoenix, the route gets prettier and prettier and then wow.

Most of our time here has been spent admiring the red rocks and looking at real estate.  This is one of the places we wanted to return to, to see if it had potential as a future place to live.  We looked at a dozen or so houses and found some we REALLY liked, but in the end, we fear that Sedona is too small and touristy to feel like home.  So then we went back to admiring the rocks.

Our home for ten days was the Oak Creek Mobilodge, a long-term trailer park with a few spaces for RVs.  It was right on Oak Creek and had an area where Abbey could be off leash and play in the stream.

We took a sidetrip to Prescott to pick up Carol and then to Bagdad, where Ted’s brother Rick lives during the week.  Their son Bill joined us there.  We had a great time, going on a tour of the copper mine, playing games, and enjoying a lot of good food and drink.  Abbey got reacquainted with Pluto.  On the way home we stopped at the Barnstar Brewery in Skull Valley.

Back in Sedona, we laid low for a couple of days, followed by a drive up to Airport Mesa to watch the sunset.

On our final day in Sedona, Nancy and Ted, and Nancy’s brother Tom and Pat, joined us for lunch at the Creekside Bistro.  We took a hike on the Little Horse Trail and had a great time catching up, on the trail and back at our rig.

That evening, Ted’s friend Nicole and her mother and son joined us for the Airport Mesa sunset experience.

The next morning we loaded up and headed south to Phoenix.  We’ll be staying in Mesa for two weeks and then we’ll head to Prescott for 12 days.  Then Albuquerque.

5 thoughts on “Sedona

  1. Hey Ricky, sounds like you are off to a good start of the next phase. Let us know how you like Albuquerque. We are starting to explore places too


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