Palm Springs – Part 2

We left off in the Palm Springs – Part 1 post with us staying at the Cathedral Palms RV Park and anticipating warmer weather.  We were rewarded.

We continued to enjoy hanging out with Steve and Laura at Shields Date Farm, at Shanghai Red’s, and at the ball park.

Kelle showed us around Palm Desert, welcomed us to her home and gallery, and turned us on to casino bingo and polo!

With Andy, we visited a brewery, enjoyed his hot tub, and had a great day in Joshua Tree.

Ted and I hiked the Cross Trail at Homme/Adams Park (one of the few dog-friendly trails in the Coachella Valley).  Afterward we drove up the Pines-to-Palms Highway to a great vista point.

We also went to Whitewater Preserve for some hiking, went to see the Illusionists at the MacCallum Theater, and had a great dinner at Le Vallauris.

And then we took the trip to New Orleans (written up in the previous post).  Stay tuned for Palm Springs – Part 3.

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