Year-end reckoning

We began our first year of fulltime RVing on Jan 1, 2016.  In twelve months we visited 35 states and had 1001 adventures.

We put 13,370 miles on the fifth-wheel trailer (fiver) in the 64 days we had the whole rig on the road for relocation, averaging 209 miles per relocation day.  That’s roughly 4 hours of driving, getting us to a new campground in time to set up before cocktail hour.

We put an additional 19,341 miles on the truck (a total of 32,711 truck miles for the year).  On average, there were 55 miles a day of adventure, exploring, and provisioning miles.

We stayed in 63 different campgrounds (65 including two we stayed in twice).  We averaged about 5 days per stay.  The average cost was $33/night.  Fees ranged from free (due to a camping membership) to $85/night.  In a few cases we got good deals by paying by the week or month.

Our fixed costs are $16,719 for the year, including:

  • pod storage $210/mo
  • mail service $30/mo
  • cell and data plans $200/mo
  • entertainment (audible, XM radio, satellite tv, netflix) $150/mo
  • health insurance $350/mo
  • blog and data storage $490/yr
  • memberships (AAA, Good Sam, Escapees, Thousand Trails) $712/yr
  • Truck and RV insurance $2171/yr
  • Truck and RV registration $464/yr

Our other expenses add up to $82,209/yr and break down as

  • camping and utilities $11,012
  • gas, repairs, other transportation costs $19,604
  • groceries and restaurants $19,833
  • tours, admissions, sports $3659
  • retail, mail, and personal services $5217
  • dog (boarding, grooming, retail) $868
  • health (other than insurance) $3637
  • vacations and motels $5675
  • donations and gifts $2573
  • ATM, finance, taxes $10,132

These numbers are a little squishy in that we both took a vacation to Hawaii and to Wisconsin, and Ted took a California vacation, and I took a Wisconsin vacation.  Also the ATM money really should be distributed among other categories, but hey, no lives depend on the accuracy of this accounting.

We hope this is interesting to other fulltimers and to those considering it.  We could clearly do it a lot less expensively, but so far we have chosen to live well and welcome opportunities that come our way.

3 thoughts on “Year-end reckoning

    1. Thanks, Dawn. Initially we thought we’d be able to live on about $40K/yr, but once on the road, we realized we wanted to say yes to new opportunities more than saying no! No regrets. I’ll be interested to follow your adventures as they unfold.

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