Palm Springs – Part 1

This may be the last day of rain for a while, so it’s a good time for a blog post.  We arrived on January 9 and settled into Cathedral Palms RV Resort.  There are some pretty amazing views from the park, frequent roadrunner encounters, and there’s a nice little dog park for Abbey.

We’re actually staying in Cathedral City, just south of Palm Springs.  We’re slowly exploring it, though the rain has slowed that period of discovery.

One of the first things we did was to go to Joshua Tree National Park for a day.  We’ve both been there multiple times and expect several more visits while we’re here.

We met up with some friends of friends, Lora and Steev.  We share many interests, including blues and games.

We also got together with Andy for some hiking, eating, and catching up.  More to come.

We got a beautiful day for the Palm Desert Women’s March which was a modest version of the Women’s March on Washington.  It was inspiring to be amid all the positive vibes in an otherwise bleak time.

We look forward to the coming sunny weather (I know this all looks sunny, but I’m not taking photos on the days we’re holed up in the rain) to expand our explorations.

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