Return to California

After 11 months (and 35 states) we are back in California.  It wasn’t exactly a return to sunshine, but there’s been a significant improvement in weather!

We spent our first night in Trinidad at a RV park called “Sounds of the Sea” and in fact we could hear the waves crashing and seals barking.  They also maintain a maze for dog-walking, which Abbey appreciated. We drove around Eureka a little bit and checked out the Humboldt State campus.

Then we drove to Petaluma, where we stayed in a KOA campground.  We really liked Petaluma and checked it out for a potential place to live.  The downtown is a cool scene, but weren’t wowed by the real estate possibilities.  We went to a club called the Big Easy and saw the Mad Men B3 Organ and Justus Dobrin.  Fun evening.

Another day we went to Napa and spent the day looking at houses.  By increasing our price bracket, we found lots of possibilities, including one that made us ask the question, Are we ready to jump?   Not yet.  But Napa may have moved to the top of the list.  It’s a great town and region — and close enough to baseball, music, friends, and doctors to feel more like home.  But we’re still planning to take a closer look at other places on our short list in the coming months (years?)

We spent a day in Sonoma, wandering around and stopping in to visit Michael and Allyson at Halem & Co De Sonoma,a jewelry store well-worth a visit.

We checked out a couple other area highlights, including Amy’s [vegetarian] Drive Thru , the Lagunitas “Beer Sanctuary,” which had live music in the beer garden, and we had a great Italian dinner with Dustin and Bridget in San Anselmo.

Then we headed for the Bay Area, where we’ll pick up our story next time.

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