Coastal Oregon

Astoria was a lovely way to start our exploration of the Oregon coast.  We crossed the bridge and then drove around town.

We got to the Astoria Column and climbed up the 164-step spiral staircase and took in the views.

Heading south, we stopped at Fort Clatsop National Monument, the place where Lewis and Clark’s party wintered after reaching the Pacific.

There were everywhere reminders that it was the rainy season.

At this point we went to Portland for two weeks, detailed in the previous post.  Leaving Portland, we cut over to the coast at Lincoln City and drove south.

We settled into Sunset Bay State Park Campground, which was quite nice, woodsy, and quiet.  It had a trail to Sunset Bay, which hosted many surfers.

We went just a bit further south along Cape Arago to Shore Acres State Park, a great place to watch the sea.

Then we went down to Bandon and explored around, stopping at the south jetty for Abbey to romp a bit.

On Thanksgiving we went to see the holiday lights at the gardens at Shore Acres State Park.

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner,

and then settled in for our last (rainy) night at Sunset Bay.  About 7:30 am, as Ted was making coffee, he looked out the window, saw the campground had flooded and we sprang into action.

We had to break camp quickly and most of what we had to do was under the ice cold water.  Some of our gear disappeared, but we got out lucky.

It seemed a fitting end to our rainy stay in Oregon.  We headed south to the California border, still assessing our post-deluge situation.



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