As we left Oregon behind (for a couple weeks), we followed the Columbia River on the Washington side.  There were several tunnels and always great views.

We stopped for a night at the Wind Mountain Resort in Stevenson.  It had nice access to the river, and a walk before turning in was about all we had time for.

And then we pulled into Seattle.  We stayed at Lake Pleasant RV Park in Bothell, WA.  It was a fantastic place to stay, with hiking trails all around, lakes, ducks, and not too far from groceries, restaurants, and downtown Seattle.

We explored around Seattle quite a bit.

Ted and I went to Snoqualmie Falls.  Unfortunately not at a good time of day for photos, but it was beautiful.  Taller than Niagra by quite a bit.

Another day we went to the Experience Music Project to see the SciFi/fantasy exhibits (and a little bit of music, too).

One of the highlights of — and reasons for — our stay in Seattle was to see Molly, so we squeezed in as much time with her as we could.  Often that meant good eating.

We went with Molly to the Chihuly Garden and Glass, which was fantastic.  Even knowing what to expect from Chihuly, I’m always surprised and delighted with what I get!  Highly recommend this.

The three of us, on another day, took the ferry to Bainbridge Island, walked around, drove around, and came back by way of Bremerton.

We also got together with some RVer friends and had a lovely evening with Stu and Marguerite.

We had our share of blue skies and rain,

which continued as we said farewell to Seattle and headed to Long Beach, which is at the southwest corner of the state, where the Columbia River empties into the ocean.  Amid all the rain, we were beginning to feel a bit like mushrooms ourselves.

Our campsite in Long Beach had a short path to a secluded ocean beach.  It was lovely to let Abbey run on the beach instead of the routine RV park walks.

On our first day we drove up the Long Beach Peninsula and explored around.

Long Beach has a lot of history – maritime, military, and related to Lewis and Clark’s expedition.  We spent a day at Cape Disappointment, including a visit to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

We haven’t made a point of visiting a lot of the roadside attraction oddities, but Merrilee told us we should visit Jake the Alligator Man, so we did (and a two-headed calf to boot).

While we are a bit separated from “real life,” we try not to let milestones pass us by.  Win some; lose some!

And with that we leave Washington and return to Oregon.

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