Bend, Oregon

We continued to follow the Snake River for a while before it gave way to the high desert.

After settling into the Bend Sunriver Campground,

we drove into downtown Bend, wandered around and visited a couple of breweries, Deschutes and Bend Brewing Company.  The next morning we headed to Crater Lake National Park.  The drive was lovely (and long, as we discovered the north entrance was closed and had to drive around to the south entrance).

There had been early snows and most of the park was closed, either temporarily or for the season.  But we had lunch at Crater Lake Lodge and saw what we could.

That night we went to the Volcanic Theater Pub in the Old Mill District in Bend to see Sista Otis and Luke Winslow King.  They did not disappoint.

The next day we went up to Pilot Butte, which offered panoramic views of Bend and the surrounding areas.  And we drove around Bend a bit, stopping at the Crux Fermentation Project for lunch.

That night we went to Sisters, Oregon, where Hannah Jane Kile and Carolyn Wonderland delivered an excellent evening of music in a great venue, The Belfry.

The next day we went to the High Desert Museum, which has great exhibits on Native Americans, wildlife, and settlers.  Their outdoor exhibits included a place where we could observe a romp of otters (yes that’s the collective noun).

Another day, after enjoying some scenes around Bend,

we drove out to Deschutes National Forest and hiked to Tumalo Falls

On the way home we stopped at Newberry Volcanic National Monument


As we drove away we reflected on Bend.  I expected Bend to secure a spot on our list of potential places to live.  It was appealing in many ways — and in fact, similar to Asheville in many ways — but the climate is a little too rainy/snowy/gray/cold for us.  We’d like to return when it’s sunny and warm.  There’s lots more to explore.

And as we neared the Washington border, it became evident that we’ll be longing for sunny and warm for the next while.


One thought on “Bend, Oregon

  1. Interesting about Bend. It’s been mentioned a couple of times by people I know as a good retirement place, but I thought it might be a bit small for me…and your comment about the weather certainly resonates! I have a good friend who moved there years ago; VERY early retirement (her husband made a startup killing). They love it but they travel a lot. 🙂


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