We crossed into Idaho as we crossed the continental divide (for the last time?).


We picked Twin Falls as a one-night stopover at a convenient distance between West Yellowstone and Bend.  A point on a map.  With a convenient RV park.  As in affairs of the heart, a one-night stand on the road can grow into something wonderful, if fleeting.  It didn’t take long after a drive into town before we extended our stay another night.  And then another.

Twin Falls is in a most lovely setting along the Snake River Canyon (the same Snake River we had been following for some time).  The bridge is the launch pad for many basejumpers and the canyon itself offered a challenge to Evel Knievel.  For us, it was merely a sight for awe.  This is one of the things that pleases us most about our life on the road.  One knows what to expect when entering a national park, but it’s the surprises offered in the unknown places that offer the unexpected joys.

To switch things up a bit, from the sublime to the shameful, we visited Minidoka, a Japanese War Relocation Camp.  It was especially disturbing in the context of recent political discourse.

We followed the Snake River to Fruitdale ID, where we had a true one-nighter right near the Oregon border.

For now our ongoing trip plan is to spend a few days in Oregon and then head up to Seattle for the rest of October.  November will be spent in coastal Oregon and northern California.  We expect to be in the bay area for much of December and then January and February in Palm Springs and March and maybe April in Utah.  That’s as far as we can project!

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