We left the Tetons and entered Yellowstone through the south and followed the Lewis River to Lewis Falls.

We had a dusting of snow on a beautiful day.

Buffalo Crossing RV Park in West Yellowstone, Montana, was our home for the next few days.  We were parked near the IMAX, where we saw a Yellowstone film.  We enjoyed driving in and out of West Yellowstone, through geothermal activity and along the Madison River where we could watch fly fishing.

During our Yellowstone experience we saw lots of wildlife, notably bald eagles, a coyote, elk, and buffalo.  We also saw trumpeter swans and river otters (no photos, sadly).

We took the northern loop, stopping at Gibbon Falls and Artists’ Paintpots,

continuing on to Mammoth Hot Springs, where we saw the lower Terraces,

and on to Tower Fall and the road along Dunraven Pass.

The next morning we stopped at Grand Prismatic Spring,

en route to Old Faithful.

Then we completed the southern loop driving alongside Yellowstone Lake,

to the <big finish> Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, Upper Falls, and the Lower Falls.

Then we said good bye to Wyoming (and the little bit of Montana we got to see this time) and headed for Idaho.

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