Guest Blogger: Abbey

Many of my friends (Hi Dagmar!) have been wondering how I’m doing, what RVing is like for a dog, and what the view is like from a foot and a half off the ground.  I’ve been on the road for nine months now.  I barely remember what it’s like to stay in one place all the time.

RV parks are a bit of a bore.  Most of them have dog parks, but they are for dogs that don’t know any better.  Campgrounds often have an area where I can be off leash.  It’s not always legal, but it is always fun.


Mostly in campgrounds I get tied to something.  I amuse myself by playing cats cradle.


Here is my pad.  I picked it out the first time I saw the RV.  It’s a little den-like and I hardly ever get kicked by Ricky when she’s blogging.

At nighttime, we three share the bed.  I get the middle half.


I always try to alert Ricky and That Guy when there are cracks of thunder or sudden strong winds, even if it’s in the middle of the night.  They don’t appreciate this valuable service.  In fact they went all Temple Grandin on me and got me a thunder shirt.  Fortunately they don’t often bring it out.

Every once in a while That Guy says I need a hair cut.  I don’t like it’s while it’s happening, but it does feel pretty good afterward

I’m getting better about riding in the truck.  They make me stay in the back seat, which I am pretty good about, except when That Guy drives over a cattle guard – then I fly into the front seat and onto the floor.  Then I get yelled at and sent back to the back seat.  Even a rumble strip will do it.  I can’t help it.  Typically I have my back paws on the back seat and my front paws on the arm rest between them.  It’s almost as if I’m in the front seat with them.  Sometimes if I’m tired I just watch from under the armrest.

While it’s great to see friends and family and meet new people, I like it best when it’s just me, Ricky, and That Guy.  When we three are left to our own devices, we go to some pretty amazing places.  I almost always get to go along.

Of course the best places are where I can be off leash, not at those dog parks, but out in the real world of scents and adventure.  Then I am my true self.  I chase rabbits and birds, real and imaginary.  The beach is my favorite!


I’m getting to like water better — mostly to wade, lap up, and especially to hunker down in.

Ricky and Kim tried to teach me to swim and waded out with me and held me close to the water.  I showed them how frantically I could air-dogpaddle.  They laughed and didn’t pursue it further.

I’ve been on lots of adventures and gotten into weird situations (a run in with a cactus, a tour bus ride, climbing trees, biking, getting stickers, getting high, and a run-in with geese)

But no matter what, I always like to take time to stop and smell the flowers


4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Abbey

  1. Abbey, I was wondering how you and Ricky were faring with the guy and the travel and stuff. Sounds like you are having a blast! Thanks for sharing with us! Hope to see you again soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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