Midwestern whirlwind

After a weekend of recovery from Ted’s cataract surgery, we headed west.  Our first stop after a long haul and a 3-hour stop for a flat tire, was Columbus Ohio.

I showed Ted around “my Columbus” (OCLC, the falls, and dining along the Scioto) and then we ventured all the way down High Street to downtown Columbus, where we saw the capitol and the IFLA welcome signs at the convention center.  And of course,  we made a visit to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

Nancy and Ted invited us and Melissa and Dan for dinner.  We had a lovely evening.

Then we made another long slog to Effingham Illinois to visit Baxter, Tracy and Kate.  It was rainy and  we were all in resting and recovery mode so I didn’t take many pictures.  We did manage to put together a great barbecue meal.  This was our first experience with driveway surfing, made simple by having an empty lot to maneuver in!

Our third long slog (all this slogging was in order to get from cataract surgery in DC to class reunion in Wisconsin, with three two day stops to see friends and family) was up to Appleton Wisconsin to see Ted’s brother Bob and Judy.  We went to the History Museum and saw the Houdini exhibit and an exhibit on Wisconsin cycling.  We took the dogs for a walk and the next day went hiking at High Cliff State Park, where we were camping.  We saw beautiful rock escarpments and views of Lake Winnebago.  And then we packed up and headed toward Madison.

We stayed at Badgerland Campground in Stoughton Wisconsin.  We met up with friends Mike and Craig at Halverson’s Supper Club and the next day went to Ken’s annual Lake Kegonsa summer party.  Enjoyed talking with Steve, Paul and Marcy, Karl, and friend Maggie (from another life).

We attended my 40th high school reunion, which went by in a flash of hugs and catching up.  The next morning, John and Carol and Dana stopped by to see the rig.

On Sunday we headed to Lake Geneva to see Phil and Jan.  En route we got a new alternator after being towed from Clinton to Beloit.  Phil and Jan joined us in Beloit for lunch and then we all headed to Lake Geneva.  We took the dogs for a walk and then took their boat out for a lake tour of grand homes and boats followed by Venetian Festival fireworks.  It was a great day.

And then we headed for Minneapolis for more fun with friends… We settled into Baker Park Campground

and then got together with Gary and Steph and enjoyed their new home, had dinner on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, and took a walk along Lake Independence at Baker Park.

We had fun with Lynette, Bob, Drew, Lila, and Evie at Lynette’s house in St. Croix Beach

And then Lynette took Ted and me on a great ATV tour of the Belwin Conservancy.

That night we met up at The Bungalow with Lynette, Paul and Marcy, Bruce, and Tom.

The next day we decided to leave Minneapolis three days earlier than we had planned to help out Ted’s mom in Sioux Falls, so had to defer getting together with Kim and Chuck and with Elis and Tomer. We spent our last evening with Gary and Steph and Jack and Katie and then pulled up stakes in the morning and left for South Dakota.

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