Return to DC

We had to return to DC to get Ted prepped for his cataract surgery.  We took advantage of that time to play tourist.  Although we had already spent a month in the DC area, it had been so busy we didn’t have much time for taking in sights.  Ted and I took the metro from Cherry Hill Park to the mall.  While we had planned to go to the Smithsonian American History Museum, we saw that the Natural History Museum had the 3D IMAX National Parks film so we bought tickets and then hung out there, taking in dinosaurs, nature photography, and rocks.  We walked around the mall and then went to the Sackler Asian Art Museum and the African Art Museum.

We used the rest of our DC time to revisit Jane, Sigi and Marjorie, and Ron and Lauri.  Ted had his surgery and that night I was happy to meet up with Dennis, in town from California for a meeting at the Library of Congress.  And then we headed west…

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