The cool states

We’ve been keeping our cool in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

From the Berkshires we headed north to the Montpelier VT area.  We’re staying at a campground right on the Onion River (aka Winooski River).  It’s a laid back place we’ve come to love.

While Montpelier has a cool low-key vibe,

we really love Burlington.  Nestled on the shore of Lake Champlain, it has a waterfront character to an otherwise artsy, liberal, college town.  Kind of like Madison WI (though with even worse winter temps).

Mostly we’ve enjoyed exploring rural areas, picturesque towns and farms, and winding roads – stopping now and then at a cheese co-op, a maple syrup operation, a ski area ….

We’re finally dealing with an oil leak in the truck that we discovered in Florida and an intermittent problem with the AC, so the truck is at the repair shop and we have a rental car.  Taking advantage of the situation, we took an over-nighter to  Maine.  We started on a rainy day, with hopes of clearing.  It was rainy as we crossed New Hampshire, so we could barely see the White Mountains, but as we entered Maine it did begin to clear.

– so much that by the time we reached Kennebunkport we were able to relax outside a lobster shack and explore the area.

We drove on up to Portland, hugging the coast as best we could and found a motel.  That night we explored the Old Port area and ascertained that if you are looking for pizza, ice cream, or paraphernalia, Portland is a go-to place.  We sampled a couple local IPAs and wandered around the colorful area.  In the morning, we had our obligatory whoopie pie


and headed for Harpswell, where we took a great walk in the woods along the Cliff Trail, where those who had preceded us constructed fairy houses along the way.

We then headed back toward New Hampshire and on this lovely day we not only could see the White Mountains, but we drove up Mount Washington.  A somewhat precarious 8 mile drive through 4 climate zones took us to the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.

Oh, and then this morning this happened (right at our campsite) to complete our New England experience.

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