A New York City interval

We took Amtrak to New York to visit good friends Mark and Janet.  To escape the heat, we headed for the new Whitney Museum where we saw the Stuart Davis exhibit, had a great lunch, and walked along the High Line. Then after dodging the rain in a sweet coffee shop, we walked around in much more comfortable temperatures.  That night we went to see the Joe Lovano Quartet at the Village Vanguard.

The next day we went to the Tenement Museum and followed the story of an Irish immigrant family.  A wonderful glimpse of a significant time and place.

We wandered around a lot, taking in the local sights.

That night we went to see the Nationals at the Mets stadium.

The next morning was beautiful and we went to the local farmers market and then to Long Island City to meet Norris for brunch followed by great views of Manhattan.

Then we drove to lower Manhattan and stopped at ground zero to see One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial.  We walked along the Hudson, stopped for fancy drinks, and took in the sights.

We took the Staten Island Ferry to get other perspectives of the wonders that are New York City — and then we were back at Penn Station to end an all too brief visit.

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