Virginia, DC, and Maryland – part 1

When we bought our fiver, we were given a trial membership to Thousand Trails, a network of membership campgrounds.  We had to choose a region of the country and since we knew we’d be spending a lot of time there, we chose the southeast US.  The locations of their campgrounds are often a bit remote, but since we can stay in them for free, we’ve tried to use them.  The first one we stayed in was in South Carolina.  When we got to the DC area a week earlier than planned, we decided to stay for a week in the Thousand Trails campground in Colonial Beach, VA.  Remote it was, but also in a fairly interesting location along the Potomac in the Northern Neck of Virginia.

We visited George Washington’s birthplace (in a home similar to the one below, but on that land)

and explored the resort town of Colonial Beach (a bit more lively, I’m sure, in the days before bridges made vacationing on the Eastern Shore more convenient).  At the campground, we had some beautiful skies and wonderful lightening storms (and Abbey got to show off her ThunderShirt).





















We went to the Manassas Battlefield

We trekked over to visit with Carl, who treated us to visits to an old tobacco barn and the shore of the Chesapeake along Calvert Cliffs.  We had a lovely dinner at Solomons Island.

I took Ted and Abbey to one of my most special places when I lived in DC (about twenty-five years ago), the Congressional Cemetery where I and many friends walked our dogs.  It’s changed a bit since we dogwalkers set things in motion to rescue it from neglect (and it’s now on the National Register of Historic Places).

We went to the National Arboretum and wandered around.

But every day we spent an incredible amount of time crossing bridges and trekking the 1 1/2 hours to Alexandria and DC to see family and friends.

So we were glad to be moving to our new place in College Park, much closer to friends, family, and sights of DC.

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