Getting to know Asheville

I think that Ted and I were both thinking on our first day here that Asheville will be on our list of possible places to live if/when we want to land somewhere.  And just a few days later we agree it’s vying for the top position in that short list (Prescott AZ, Sedona AZ, Albuquerque NM, and now Asheville).  There are lots of other places we’ve loved, but these are the ones we could imagine living in.

Our initial outing was walking the downtown area, looking for appealing bars and restaurants.  We were in hog heaven!  There are 15 breweries in town and many more in the area.  There’s a live music scene that appeals to our tastes.  There is a booming farm-to-table restaurant movement, as well as good representation of every ethnic cuisine we love.  Then we took a driving tour and discovered what a truly lovely town it is.  Here are some photos from our first few days.

One day we spent on the Blue Ridge Parkway – what a delight.  Beautiful road curving around at high elevation with stunning vistas.

We’re trying to get a sense of the real estate market, looking at some houses and neighborhoods.  While it’s not in our price range, we checked out the Biltmore Estate anyway!

And there are flowers!

So even though we haven’t reached the end of the week we intended to spend here, we’re extending another week.  There are a lot of places to explore and we’re looking forward to getting to know Asheville better.

4 thoughts on “Getting to know Asheville

  1. I know several people who live in Asheville, including some who have retired there. Everyone seems to uniformly love it. Let me know if you’d like some contacts!


  2. Definitely one of our absolute favorite places to be. Would live there in a heartbeat. Downtown prices are BIG, but outside of downtown are really affordable. Have seriously considered moving there and am always looking for options for work though few exist. Make sure if you cruise a day on the Parkway that you head towards Boone. Home of App State, it also has a good vibe, lots of hiking places (and waterfalls!) in between Asheville and Boone, and some decent food. Nothing will compare to Asheville, but a fun place to visit and see. And make sure you visit the Mast General Store! BTW, is coastal NC still in the plan or are you avoiding summer rains? 🙂


    1. Thanks for the tips. We’re leaving here on the 20th and heading north to DC by July 1. We haven’t yet decided what circuitous route we might take. What are your whereabouts in that time frame? I’d like to see you one place or the other!


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