South Carolina

We settled in for a week at The Oaks at Point South near Yamassee, South Carolina.  We thought it would be a good midway point for exploring Savannah, Beaufort, and Charleston.  After our day in Savannah (see previous post) and exploring around the campground, we decided to extend for a second week.  Not only was it a great location, but it was free (part of a complimentary Thousand Trails trial membership that we received when we bought our rig).  Here are a couple photos of our lovely campsite.

And here’s some of the trail around the lake.

Abbey got to run loose a lot and that tires her out.


But then this happened.


We hunkered down for the first two days, but when it looked like there might be a solid week of rain…

…We headed inland.  A really nice thing you can do when RVing.  We drove away from the deluge and are now in sunny Georgia!

So we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to in South Carolina, but another nice thing you can do when RVing is to go back again later.

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