RV notes

Every once in a while I like to provide  a view into our RV life.

This week Ted’s daughter Molly stayed with us.  Our first overnight visitor.  We fired up the guest bed (couch turns into bed with self inflating air mattress).  Molly thought it was comfortable and it didn’t eat up too much space.

So that was good.

What wasn’t good was discovering that our “basement” (the big storage area underneath our bedroom) was wet.  Very wet.  We hauled everything out and let it dry for four days.  We think we know what caused it (faulty city water connection), but we’ll be watching it closely.  The only serious damage was to my golf clubs (a little rust) and to our garment bag full of special occasion clothes ($65 dry cleaning bill and a new garment bag mostly rectified that).

And then there was pie.


And that was good.

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