Austin and thereabouts

Our home near Austin is Hill Country Cottage and RV Park in New Braunfels.  It is the best RV Park we’ve been to so far.  Lots of facilities (laundry, showers, etc.) and pools and hot tubs.  The weather has been quite warm, but we’ve mostly been out and about, rather than relaxing poolside.


IMG_0262.JPGWe explored around New Braunfels, which is a pretty cool town with a lovely park and lots of flowers and attractive old buildings.  We found a great restaurant, McAdoo’s Seafood Company, which serves creole food and has seating in a precious courtyard. We took a side trip to Gruene, a neighboring historic old mill town.

We are definitely in Hill Country.  The rolling vistas are a welcome relief after the flat expanses in western Texas.  And the green countryside and roadside flowers and blossoming trees are all a nice contrast to the deserts we left behind.

Touring Austin has been challenging due to the South by Southwest crowds, but it’s crowded all around due to spring break.  Ted’s daughter Molly stayed with us a few days and we went to San Antonio.  We tolerated the crowds at the Alamo, but could barely maneuver amid the throngs at the Riverwalk.  Abbey thought it was pretty cool that she was allowed to join us in a restaurant and on a bus.

We’re pretty impressed with Austin, even though it was hard to get a real sense of what it’s like when it’s not SXSW.  We did some investigating related to the debate over whether Sixth Street or Rainey Street is the cooler scene.  Sixth was a bit like the French Quarter in New Orleans.  I preferred Rainey’s old homes converted to bars and restaurants with outdoor seating. But hard to top the live music on Sixth Street.

A trip to the LBJ Library was a rather surprising treat.  Good to be reminded of just how much he accomplished and how driven he was in advancing the Great Society.  The Library was pretty balanced.  In his words, “So it’s all here: the story of our time with the bark off.  This Library will show the facts, not just the joy and the triumphs, but the sorrow and failures, too.”  Pretty moving to see how deeply responsible and regretful he felt about the Vietnam debacle.

Austin, we barely knew ye.  But we liked what we saw.

Tomorrow we head to Corpus Christi.

4 thoughts on “Austin and thereabouts

  1. I hear there’s some decent music in Austin too! I have a negative impression of LBJ because of Vietnam Nam,but also his racist nature and legendary cruelty to animals. But I would go to his library in a heartbeat. There’s always more to learn about an individual.


    1. We heard a good old Texas blues band in a bar and we went to an electronic dance music event. But we read a lot about music in the recent past and near future. You do need to learn more about LBJ and all he did for civil rights. And I think one unfortunate photo is not enough to demonstrate “legendary cruelty to animals”. Give him another chance 😉


  2. Beth and I have actually been to New Braunfels which is just as you say. It s the town nearest to Newcombe’s tennis camp where we spent a really fun instructive week. Keep up the blog.


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