Heading south

After spending an evening in Albuquerque’s brewery district, taking a bike ride along the Rio Grande, and attending Keith Sanchez & the Moon Thieves CD release party at the Launch Pad, I headed off to Wisconsin to attend to family matters for five days.  When I got back, we packed up and left Albuquerque.  Rather wistfully.


The drive down toward Las Cruces whet our appetite as the mountains became more and more dramatic, culminating in the alp-like Organ range.IMG_9809

We checked into the Hacienda RV Resort, easily our favorite of the RV parks we’ve seen so far (lovely common areas, a nice hot tub, a great dog run, and pastel sunsets).

Our first day was spent exploring the surrounding areas to the east of town.  We took the Bar Canyon Trail in Soledad Canyon, where we hiked up a meandering path and had views of the city and of the Organ Mountains.IMG_9823.JPG

IMG_9861Then we drove across the range and to White Sands National Monument.  We watched the video at the nature center (which we’re finding is always a good thing to do) and then drove the loop through the dunes and stopped a few times to experience the strangeness that is White Sands.  Abbey ran like she does at the beach; that was good to see.

IMG_9932On the way back to Las Cruces, we stopped at Aguirre Springs and took the Pine Tree Trail up to the base of the “needles” we’d been seeing since we’d arrived.


IMG_9955.JPGToday we went to the farmers’ market in downtown Las Cruces, then explored the historic marketplace in old Mesilla — especially enjoyed lunch at La Posta — and then drove around Las Cruces.  Las Cruces didn’t speak to us like Albuquerque did, but we sure enjoyed the environs.


Tomorrow we’re packing up and off for Carlsbad.

3 thoughts on “Heading south

  1. So wonderful to see New Mexico through your eyes!! It’s an amazing place. I sometimes wonder if I won’t live there at one point…


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