To Camping World we go

As we were driving down a bumpy road, our electrical cord fed itself out so that we were dragging a 30 foot tail behind us.  We were oblivious until a kind stranger flagged us down and told us.  The 30 amp plug end was mangled, so our first night in Albuquerque was spent dry camping while we waited to get into Camping World (conveniently across from our RV Park) to get it fixed.  campingworldWe also had them look at our truck to trailer connection, since we are still having communication problems.  We’re going to have them do some maintenance work on wheels and brakes and if that all looks good and we still have the problem, we’ll probably have them install a new after-market trailer brake controller.

We have some other work to have done.

  • fix 12v outlet
  • install a fan in our bedroom vent
  • install a tire pressure monitoring system
  • maybe install an inverter

And we have some other things we might buy

  • a grill that taps into our on-board propane
  • a new mattress or topper
  • a tripod stabilizer
  • a GPS specific to RVs (enter height so routes around low bridges, locates RV-appropriate gas stations, etc.)
  • and little niceties like stakes for our rug, a sun-tea pitcher that will fit into the rig, better leveling blocks, etc.

We already picked up a few little things (a dual head tire gauge, replacement light bulbs, a water fill adapter,slide seal conditioner, a small mandolin…) and we just ordered a satellite antenna and receiver (wifi is just not cutting it for movies — and baseball season is just around the corner!)


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