First week in New Mexico

We are loving New Mexico!  Part of this is flavored by the great time we had with Lynette and her family, who rented a house in the foothills of Albuquerque.  Every evening we had a fabulous sunset party on their deck with views of the sun setting over the city and of the moon rising over the glowing mountains.


We took the Sandia tram up to the top and wandered around. IMG_8783

We took a hike through Petroglyphs National Monument, where we had fun spotting and speculating about the ancient messages in the rocks.

We explored Route 66 through the city.

A few of us went up to Taos to ski for a day.

We spent a day in Santa Fe.

And ended nearly every day toasting the sunset.  It was a magical time with fun-loving people.IMG_8923

Since then, Ted and I have spent some time exploring neighborhoods in Albuquerque as it seems that it will end up on our short list of retirement possibilities, Nob Hill especially (though those lovely houses in the foothills have a lot of appeal).

Yesterday we went to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument near Santa Fe.  We drove up through snow and clouds and as we neared our destination the sky opened up on a beautiful day.  Abbey, however, was turned away at the gate, so we boarded her at Gunda Veterinary Hospital about 15 miles away and returned for our hike.  It was an astonishing place and we had one of those lifetime highlight experiences.  The Canyon Trail leads to many tent rocks, through slot canyons, and a climb 630′ up to a mesa with an incredible view.  Not to be missed!  The Cave Loop Trail leads through a teepee garden and to a human-carved cave.

Afterward we went for a great New Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe and then drove out to Los Alamos around sunset.IMG_9422

Yes, we are enchanted.



One thought on “First week in New Mexico

  1. Hey Ricky, I love New Mexico. I went to summer school at the University of NM in Albuquerque for 2 summers when I was in college. Every night we took our lawn chairs out to watch the sunset. Fantastic! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Super happy for you.


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