Southern AZ (part two)

IMG_8017Today we explored southeast of Tucson, driving out Hwy 10 to Benson and down to Tombstone. It was still cool, but a sunny day. Tombstone was not crowded, so parking and moving around was easy. We strolled the street and got to the OK Corral just as the re-enactment was beginning. This was described as the re-enactment of the movies, by another re-enactment troupe, which purported to represent historically correct gun fights (which more often than not were in saloons, rather than in the street). We saw them both. And then headed south.


IMG_8063IMG_8065Bisbee was more real and therefore more pleasing to us. A mining town that retains its character without going too touristy. We had a pretty good lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then explored the town a bit, ending up at the Queen Copper Mine, where we donned hardhats and toured the mine.


We headed back via Sierra Vista and Sonoita, watching the sun set over an entirely different desert vista. Now our thoughts turn to leaving our Tucson campsite and getting back to North Ranch, where we will leave our rig, while we jet off to Kauaii for a week. ‘Cause retirement can be exhausting – we need a break 😉

One thought on “Southern AZ (part two)

  1. When you get back to AZ and start to head east, consider stopping at the Chiricahua National Monument. It’s about 35 miles south of I-10 but definitely worth the detour. Amazing natural formations, gorgeous landscapes. The photos on the park’s website somehow don’t do it justice.


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