Boot Camp and Southern AZ (part one)

The three-day RV Bootcamp was very much worthwhile. We learned about safety in all its forms (personal, fire, driving…), load and tire management, and about all the systems inside (appliances, power, plumbing) and outside (access panels, tanks, and hook ups). It was a great combination of videos and discussion, led by people who have been doing this and teaching it for quite a while. There was also a pretty intense fire demonstration. Afterward, we had our rig weighed (each axle of truck alone and complete rig). Over half of the RVs out there are overloaded, causing all manner of problems and safety concerns. We were underweight and fairly well-balanced (or rather our rig was). It was fun talking with long-time full-timers as well as people just deciding on a rig.

IMG_7835IMG_7821After graduation, we left North Ranch and headed for Tucson. We arrived at Gilbert Ray campground in the Tucson Mountain Park (adjoining Saguaro National Park, west of Tucson) just in time for sunset. We settled in for the next five nights. Ted woke up with a very nasty cold so we took it easy the next day, barely making it out for a grocery run.

IMG_7820Tuesday we devoted a chunk of the day to getting new tires for the truck and then drove downtown and got a day pass on the street car. We rode from one end to the other and got out on the UAZ campus and visited the Center for Creative Photography. Ted was flagging so we headed home. It’s been unusually cold (deep freeze warnings) and windy (30 gusting to 60 on our first night), so our dreams of warming up as we drove south are on hold.

IMG_7839Yesterday we visited Saguaro National Park, taking a great drive through the desert and then went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, which is about 5 miles down the road from our campsite. [Thanks Jackie, for advocating that onto our must-see list]. It was beyond fabulous. I’ll let the some of the photos speak for themselves.IMG_7844IMG_7963IMG_7903IMG_7884IMG_7995IMG_8011


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