Inch by inch, step by step, day by day

IMG_6476We are ever so much closer to being ready for departure day.  Ted has done the lion’s share of packing.  We’ve had our moving sale and found new homes for lots of our things.  We’ve made good use of Craigslist for selling furniture and Ebay for more valuable items.  The neighborhood list (via NextDoor) is really valuable for finding takers for free items.  The neighbors have also been great for suggesting places to donate various things, how to get sleeping bags to the homeless, career-wear to women reentering the workplace, etc.  It’s sad that we’ve met more neighbors in the last week than we have in the seven years we lived here.  There have been some happy coincidences.  My physical therapist bought our dining room hutch.  The guy who picked up a big storage bench saw my printer and took that as well.  Two women who had just moved to the area bought a recliner and bookshelves — and I gave them a box of hiking books and all kinds of guides to the Bay Area and California.  Those things feel pretty good.

I’m finding I have muscle memory that reaches for a drawer in a piece of furniture no longer there.  I keep saying to myself, I know just what I need and go to get it, but then realize it’s gone.

IMG_6281I now have my car on Craiglist, NextDoor, and Autotrader.  Almost all the responses so far are dealers and brokers.  It’s really disappointing how little I’m likely to get for my 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid.  But we’re moving on!

Speaking of moving, the “company” we hired to load the storage cube turned out to be a guy who was incapable of instilling any confidence in his experience or trustworthiness.  So we found another company, Five Star Moving, which has made us much more confident.

We are going to South Dakota to spend the holidays with Ted’s mother.  When we come back, we’ll pick up the fiver from the storage place and bring it to an urban campground (the parking lot of a county expo center) for three days.  During that time, we’ll get the storage cube delivered, load it up, and have it picked up; make the final trips back and forth to the fiver swapping things out, seeing if everything we intend to bring will fit, and sleeping in it; make final donation runs, have a bulk pick up, clean the house; and then begin the new year on the road.

IMG_6482[1]Abbey seems to be doing just fine during all this turmoil, but then her furniture is still here and her food and water dishes are always full.  Aside from having many more opportunities bark at strangers coming to the house, not all that much has changed.

sunnyWhat breaks our hearts though is having to leave Sunny behind.  She is the greatest cat and purrs like crazy, but she does not like to ride in cars at all.  We tried to think through how we might make it work for her, but the thought of her darting out the door in a panic and then disappearing (and what might happen to her next) made us think she’d be better off spending her remaining lives in a more stable environment.  We’re still exploring possibilities and hope that Sunny will have a new home with people who will love her as much as we do.


2 thoughts on “Inch by inch, step by step, day by day

    1. Sunny has been an indoor/outdoor cat (via pet door), but we think that at this point she will be happy sleeping in a spot of sun whether inside or outside. She will pick a favorite spot in the house and spend most of her time there for weeks or months and then suddenly she’ll pick a new spot. She used to be shy when strangers came into the house, but now she get curious and friendly pretty quickly. She never has a litter box mishap, though if she can, she’ll just go outside in the same corner, nicely buried. She hasn’t needed to see a vet in the ten years I’ve known her. Sunny has put up with an annoying little terrier for the past several years, so I’d say she’s pretty tolerant. She’ll let you pet her as long as you like, but when you’re done, she moves on. She purrs more than any cat I’ve ever known.


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