We are in the throes of preparation for our departure date of December 31.

IMG_6238It’s unbelievable just how many things there are to do.  I have lists on my phone, in a notebook, and on random scraps of paper.  And we can work all day, getting so many important things done and then when I go to cross them off the lists, most of them hadn’t even made it on to a list.  That’s our reality.

We’ve gotten some things done and we’ve made some big decisions.

Ted selling his beloved Saab was the first significant move.  Deciding to Domicile in California was big.  It means we don’t have to convince California that we no longer live there (apparently no small trick for many ex-Californian full-time RVers) and we don’t have to change our California vehicle registrations and drivers licenses.  Most importantly, it means we can keep our doctors who have agreed to do as much via email as possible.  I’ve signed up for Blue Shield of California through Obamacare and Ted’s getting signed up for medicare.

Having decided on a state, we could then arrange for a mail service.  We went with  For $30 a month they will have our mail from our new address (2443 Fillmore St. #380-2514, San Francisco, CA 94115) sent to North Carolina, where they will scan the envelopes.  We have an online mailbox where we can say what should be discarded and what should be forwarded the next time we have an address for a week or more.  On request, for a fee, they will scan the contents of an envelope, if we need it right away.

This also cleared the way for getting quotes on insurance coverage for the fiver.  Most insurance companies don’t cover full-time RVs.  We need to finalize this decision after we clarify a couple details.  And see if they’ll insure the contents of our storage pod.  We’re getting rid of most of our possessions, hopefully at this weekend’s moving sale — if not, by donation, and if not, by bulk waste pickup.  But there are some things we just can’t part with.  For that, we’re getting a storage pod.  We went with ABF ReloCubes.  We hope we’ll fit in one 6x7x8 cube which will cost $105/month – or $210 for 2 cubes.  Plus whatever it costs to ship it to wherever we might settle down whenever that might be.  We priced two hypothetical locations, Santa Fe for $1677/2000 or Portland for $1084/1504 (one cube/two cubes).  We used to get help loading the cube(s).  Apparently it’s an art form.

IMG_6082Ted’s father died the week before Thanksgiving, so we went to South Dakota for several days.  Our time there was filled with memories of a good man and appreciation for the wonderful family he left behind.  We’ll also be spending Christmas week in South Dakota with Ted’s mom, so this has compressed our preparation time quite a bit.

IMG_6236Right now I’m taking 4 days off this week for a raft of medical appointments and physical therapy for an impingement in my rotator cuff (bad timing there) and to get things ready for the sale.  We listed several big things on Craigslist and a few have sold, the hammock, the glider, two dressers, bar stools, a bed… But mostly people say they want something and then don’t show up.  Now we’re moving around the little stuff.  Nothing seems to get done, just moved from one spot to the next in a worsening state of disarray.  Until we can open the garage door and move out onto the driveway, it’s really hard to make progress.


IMG_4610Turns out I’m a bit of a packrat.  I filled our recycle bin with every check I’d written since 1984.  Ted asked, What happened to the ones before 1984?  They’re at Mom’s house.

I’ve been trying to get off mail lists, which I attempted to do by using their IMG_5092postage paid return envelopes from mailings.  This hasn’t gone so well.  I’m getting more than ever.

Next up, all the necessary change of addresses for things we can’t switch over to paperless.

We got change of address/holiday cards made to send to friends.  Now to find time to address them…

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