Shit got real

This week I announced that I’m retiring on December 31 and we gave notice to our landlord. We wanted to take longer trips, well we’re going on a much longer trip — we’re becoming full time RVers.


Now we need to transition from dreaming to scheming. And we begin focusing on the myriad things that need to be done…

We think we have a general sense of where we’re going and when, for the first five months anyway.  But even that is dependent on so many things.

The king pin (see what I did there? Fiver talk) seems to be health insurance for me.  There are three states that are best for full-time RVers to domicile in (legal lingo for the state in which you intend to live; FT RVer lingo for the place you say you’re going to live when you don’t intend to live anywhere for a while).  Florida, South Dakota, and Texas have no residency requirements and no state income tax and have other favorable conditions.  Last year, South Dakota had bad ACA (Obamacare) plans for FT RVers (only local HMOs).  Florida and Texas offered PPOs.  So we thought we would be Florida residents (because, well, Texas) and did a lot of planning revolving around that assumption.  The plans for 2016 were just announced and it looks like both Florida and Texas have dropped their PPOs.  So now we have to do a lot of rejiggering.

In the meantime, we’re digging in on a lot of the small stuff.  Figuring out what to give away, sell, trash, store, and take with us.  We hope to be done with sifting and sort by mid-December.  I have what I only partly jokingly refer to as my OCD notebook.  It is a categorized set of lists of what needs to be done in the next two months: making financial, insurance, storage, and mail service plans, selling cars, cleaning our rental home, things to buy, things to sell, medical stuff to do before we leave, addresses to change, mail-lists to get off of, accounts to close, budgets to be pondered… Oh dear, it’s cocktail hour.  Let’s take a break.cocktail


7 thoughts on “Shit got real

  1. Ted, I hope you have a fantastic adventure and want to thank you for all your work with us at Monarch Media over the years! Good luck and safe travels!!!


  2. Congratulations, Ted and Ricky! We want to “hit the road” too, but our daughter is less-than-thrilled with the idea of us parking long term in her dormitory driveway… 🙂 You’ll have a blast, I’m sure.


  3. Wow!! What a grand adventure. You won’t mind the close quarters (love does that). 🙂 I envy you and wish you all the best, and very much look forward to more posts. You both are such a wonderful match, and this direction feels just right. Happy trails!


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